The Rise of the Mighty Snapback

The rise of the mighty “snapback” has led to fashion revolution since the emergence of the adjustable baseball cap in the early 1980s. The snapback originally gained notoriety among youths in the USA, being popularized by early hip-hop, rap, gangsta-rap and RnB artists. The snapback has continued to gain popularity around the world since.

snapback kings

The term “Snapback” refers to the adjustable snap fixing piece of plastic at the back of a baseball cap meaning “one size fits all”. However the term was also coined in urban slang to refer to a baseball cap that had a flat brim. They have evolved from just being used as a casual sports cap to become more about the “street” or “swag” and “swagger” style that goes with wearing such a baseball cap.


The seems to be a high tendency for people who choose to wear a snapback to wear them on an angle. Rarely would you see a snapback being worn perfectly horizontal at 180 degrees (if the person was standing completely vertical).


Early celebrities such as NWA, Will Smith, Snoop Doggy Dog, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls and Eminem all contributed to the rise of the mighty snapback. Later stars have included Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Pharrell Williams to name but a few. It wouldn’t be fair to leave female artists such as TLC, Missy Elliott and even Madonna.

girl snapback

These days there seems to be no obvious distinction between between which gender wears the snapback more. I think it would be fair to say it is currently 50/50 of males and females can be seen wearing a snapback.

girl snapback 2

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